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Conspiracy Cards are a series of physical trading cards which feature both popular and esoteric conspiracy theories, occult research, secret societies, whistleblowers and content creators like you.

For $150 you can elevate your brand with a unique promotional edge.

  1. Lasting Impression: Unlike typical business cards, people want to keep and showcase Conspiracy Cards. Yours won't end up in the bin — it's a coveted collectible!
  2. Network Boost: Your card gets into the hands of fellow creators. That means shared audiences, broader reach, and potent cross-promotion.
  3. Trusted Name: Align with Paranoid American, the gold standard in conspiracy entertainment. Your brand gets associated with the best.

Simple! Just fill out the form on this page, and I'll get back to you with any more details needed.

For a total of $150 to cover printing and shipping, you will receive 500 of your own cards, and we'll print another 500 to be randomly included in packs.

NOTE: This does not include the required artwork. If you are in need of a custom portrait or commission, we can connect you with an artist. Estimate this to cost an additional $50-150 depending on the style and level of detail you want.

TBD. 2024-2025

Great, just reach out via the form on this page to find out more.