Issue 4: Blowing out the Candle

Luna unlocks the true power of the Montauk Chair at Camp Hero, and discovers a greater purpose. Meanwhile, Cal deciphers a message from the sixth dimension, Lex climbs the Washington Monument, and Dr. Vodnar shows off his Tesla tattoo.

Other Comics

Secret Mystery School

Three college students accidentally invoke the consciousness of ancient philosophers. Now they have to find true enlightenment, or else!


Hearing voices in your head? Maybe it's just James and Blake testing the latest in telemarketing technology!

Paranoid American History

Ongoing anthology of short stories based on conspiracies theories and actual research.

Geronimo's Grave

An illustrated tale of how Prescott Bush desecrated an ancient indian burial mound in 1913 for the Skull & Bones secret society at Yale.

I am a Myth

What does the psychedelic revolution, wall street, Time Magazine, and the JFK assassination have to do with each other?

Operation Midnight Climax

The true story of a CIA agent who secretly experimented on civilians with LSD under the MK-ULTRA project.

The Lone Eagle

A story about Charles Lindbergh. Famous pilot. American hero. Worldwide celebrity. Eugenicist. Cold-blooded killer.

Tune In (to the War of the Worlds)

Was the most famous radio broadcast in American history an experiment to test how the public would react to war?